An Easy Way to Disable Antivirus on Windows 10


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Windows 10 is the latest operating system launch by Microsoft. It's commonly used by a number of users due to its advanced features. Windows 10 is the series of personal computer operating system and it's the successor of those windows 8.1. Among the windows 10 notable features is that it supports the universal application. Windows 10 is much more protected windows ever and it's providing comprehensive protection at no additional price. Sometimes you may face difficulty during running your windows 10 operating system. Antivirus is used to protect your computer from malicious attacks by any type of malware or virus. So the majority of the user shield their machine on installing anti-virus programs on their PC. However, sometimes you could face different sorts of problems after installing the antivirus on your own personal computer. There are following scenarios on which You're getting a problem in your machine because of antivirus.

If you want to update your windows than something could prevent you to perform update operation on your Windows 10
A while you may not find appropriate performance from your windows 10 operating system as your desire.
If you are installing any applications on your machine, you might get instant to disable antivirus on windows 10.
So to rectify such difficulty, you're needed to disable antivirus on your Windows 10 operating system.
So in this blog, we're explaining step by step solutions to disable antivirus on windows 10 operating system.

Disable antivirus on windows 10:
First You Have to locate the anti-virus program icon on your Windows notification area
As soon as you locate an antivirus icon, you want to click on that icon and choose to disable, stop, shut down or something similar alternative.
In some cases, You're required to open the app and disable it using the app's menu
Microsoft security necessary is among the special cases to which you are required to disable it
First, you Must click on Microsoft security essential icon at the window notification area and click on it to start
Thereafter Click the setting tab and real-time protection
You need to uncheck the box which is located alongside turn on real-time protection
Save all the changes

Disable in protected manner:
If all the preceding efforts do not work, you can boot into safe mode. Any third party software does not load in a safe manner such as an antivirus program. Sometimes you may face a message like you can't disable the anti-virus program as it's already open and you may not able to find that app actually. So a safe manner is your ideal option to disable antivirus application if the above option does not work for you.

Switch off anti-virus protection in window safety:
By abiding by these under steps, it is possible to turn off anti-virus protection in a temporary manner with windows security. However, one thing you should keep in your mind that if you do so, your device might be vulnerable to threats
Then go into setting option
Proceed into update and safety option which is under setting choice
Thereafter select windows security alternative
Then select virus and hazard protection
Then select manage to set
In the managed setting, You Need to change Real-time protection to off
One thing ought to be mentioned that the scheduled scan will last to run however files that are downloaded or installed may be scanned.

Disable windows defender program:
Windows protector program is a security program that's integrated into Windows 10. It scans your documents occasionally. Window defender application is automatically disabled when you set up any kind of third-party antivirus program or firewall on your personal computer. So if you're rigid to go window defender program, you want to either disable your third-party antivirus app or you need to un-installed it entirely from the PC.
Disable it using window protector security center
With the help of registry editor
With the assistance of the local group policy editor.

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