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Have you got an antivirus program? What about using a free one? Though free, some antiviruses are aggressive with paid-for products nowadays. Among these, Avast Free Antivirus download has been the selection of over 150 million global consumers for many years.

Avast Free Antivirus, among the greatest free antivirus Protection for non-commercial & house use in Microsoft Windows and Linux, offers rapid scan, full system scan, removable media scam, and special folder scan; hybrid cloud technologies for real-time streaming updates; file standing system for assessing fire safety;"restore factory settings" option for wiping preferences back to the default; remote support for a single-instance, friend-to-friend remote technician support; AutoSandbox, browser protection and website blocking; and much more.

One reason for sexy Avast free antivirus is, its Strong real-time protection shields, such as:

malware threats. Scans files as they operate in your own computer to keep viruses out of being able to execute.

Mail Shield - Scans messages and attachments in E-mail/Microsoft Outlook/Exchange for germs.


Internet Shield - HTTP protection. For viruses, and aborts links to the website if one is found.

IM Shield - Instant Message security. (Scanning of files Transferred via instant messaging programs )

Script Shield - Scans web pages for malicious broadcasts, and Disables them from penetrating your computer.

Network Shield - Fundamental protection against well-known network worms. Acts as an Intrusion Detection System.

Behavior Shield - Reports questionable behavior by analyzing the behavior of programs.

Avoid virus that other antivirus software did not;

Resource footprint;
Update its virus database close to daily, so that you know you are Completely shielded daily;

Give a"boot-scan" capability that can rescue a Pc from start-up collapse.

These Days, avast version 7 is released with a better security Front, people can get away the anti-virus in their PC. Additionally, it offers cute functions of the Statistics module, that allows you to simply get a tech service package to send to the avast! personnel that is attempting to fix your problem.

Avast Antivirus Free is offered in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and alternative languages - free download avast in your language.

Once you finish Avast free download and set up, do a Total system scan, and schedule a quick scan for every week. You'll be happy with its amazing features: the simple and user-friendly user interface, the low system resources job, rapid, hard disk scanning, timely upgrade virus library, and effective antivirus. Throughout using avast if any issues occur contact avast customer service get satisfied solution timely.